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Park & Ride

    Once again Oswestry Show is providing a free of charge Park and Ride service for our visitors!

    The shuttle buses begin at 8:30am from the Oswestry Livestock Market and will be running every 15 minutes directly to the showground. Except from the hourly bus that will be calling through town (see below).
    Return journeys will begin at 14:15pm and will be running every 15 minutes, with every hourly journey going through town and dropping off at the NFU Mutual Office by Sainsbury's, Oswestry.

    One of the shuttle buses will be travelling through town and picking up at Park Gates every hour after picking up from the Livestock Market. Starting at 9:05am, through until 14:05pm. Returning journey's will be leaving from the showground from 14:15pm, also every hour, until 18:15pm and will be dropping at the NFU Mutual Office by Sainsbury's.